The Consultation

An initial homeopathy consultation with Dr Mendes da Costa will take one hour and will cover your current problems, your past medical history, and many areas relating to your current state of health. Of equal importance will be questions relating to your lifestyle, diet and your mental and emotional state. Questions about your family history will also be taken into account.

The Treatment

Your homeopathic treatment will be prescribed in the form of pills or a liquid and all homeopathic medicines are easy and pleasant to take, for all ages. I usually recommend that the prescription is bought from one of the well known and trusted London Homeopathhic pharmacies.

Follow up

Most patients will be reviewed in about 4 weeks after the initial consultation and this will mostly be for a half hour consultation. Patients with acute or severe problems may be need to be seen sooner.

Fees 2017

  • Initial consultation one hour: £90 (£75 with concessions, children and the elderly)
  • Follow up consultation half an hour: £75
  • Consultation for acute illnesses, first time or known patients, half an hour: £75
  • Home visits in West London (contact to see if in area): £150